Restaurant logo design

Printing material and menu design

Customer request

The request was to create a professional restaurant logo design, the style must be classic, similar and in harmony with that used for the related camping activity. The style must give a strong reference to the type of cuisine, like that of the past but at the same time precise and professional. In conclusion, the creation of a backlit sign and a plaque to be placed at the entrance to the restaurant was also requested.

Idea logo design

First of all the restaurant logo design looks classic. The two letters XX which represent the name of the Twentieth Century Restaurant and also form an icon which can also be used to identify the restaurant. The word “Restaurant” will be seen first in the logo, being in negative and with a strong contrast, making the sector immediately clear at first sight. Then follows the name of the restaurant “Twentieth century” and the tagline with the type of restaurant. The logo has been designed to be adaptable to all needs, both in a horizontal format (wide) for signs (as in the example shown) or in a square format to be used on tickets, napkins, menus etc…

restaurant logo design


French restaurant logo design, printing material, sign, business card and menu design.


La Bourboule, France.



The primary version of the logo design must be the one on a white background but the white version also matches very well on brown, green and gray backgrounds.

Logo Design Color CMYKC44 M55 Y95 K52C88 M27 Y87 K13K80
French restaurant logo design entrance panel design

Design Social Icons

The logo icon can also be used separately to create icons to be used for social networks.

French restaurant logo design

Restaurant sign design

Real preview of the restaurant sign design.

restaurant logo design sign entrance
restaurant logo identity design

Identity design for restaurant

The logo design is presented on real media, such as business cards and letterhead.

restaurant logo design with business card and letterhead
professional restaurant logo design

Restaurant menu design

The logo was designed to be adaptable to all needs, and the menu design enhances the shape of the double letter “xx” symbol.

restaurant logo design and menu design

Alternative logo proposal

Alternative logo variations reference the shape of the restaurant building, and other naming font ideas and alternatives.

logo per ristorante proposta alternativa

Need a professional restaurant logo?

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