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Customer profile

The Nodi Parlati is an association made up of psychologists who are promoting the figure of the psychologist in society, through events, training courses and online magazines.
The values ​​to comunicate through the design of the logo are: flexibility, safety, dialogue, bond and availability. For the graphic part it was required to create two people who were connected by a soft rope and by a spoken knot used by seamans.

Brand design

I wanted to give a serious and professional approach to the logo brand identity design.

The brand identity recalls dialogue, security and willingness to communicate. The rope is soft and the knot in the center is a spoken knot, used by seamans. There is an example of the business card and digital letterhead to be used for presentations or sending documents, along with icons to use on social networks. The chosen color refers to aqua green and sand yellow to recall the sea and fishing.

logo and brand identity design


Logo brand identity design for non-profit Association. Business card and letterhead design.


Milan, Italy.



Logo Design Color PANTONE7474 C7563 C
Logo brand identity design-non-profit-Association
Logo brand identity design-vertical business card

Logo formats and variants

The logo design, which is the base of the brand identity, comes in two versions, one with the faces in profile and the other without, with only the rope and knot to be used on small logo sizes.

Brand identity design-logo formats and versions
Logo brand identity design-logo-green-background

Social media icons

Design of icons to be used on specific social networks, or just to identify your business in a simple symbol.

design social media icons

Alternative logo proposal

The alternative version is simpler, and simulates the handwritten text connected by a spoken knot. I used a color tending to orange instead of sand yellow, which contrasts well with the acqua green.

Logo brand identity design alternative logo proposal

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