Logotype design

dental studio in new york

Client request

The request was to create a professional logotype design for the new opening of a dental practice in downtown New York, along with letterhead and business card along with a website coming soon page. The logo must represent the letter M for Milan and have some reference to the city of Milan, and appear professional and modern.

Logotype design idea

This logotype design merges together the symbol of a molar tooth and the letter “M” for MILAN. Overall, the icon created immediately conveys the sector, taking care of the person, attention to detail and a strong reference to the city of Milan also thanks to the font used. The font created appears to be serious and modern.

The primary version of the logo must be the one in blue but the single color, white and black variants also match very well for use on different backgrounds and photos.

logotype design dental studio new york


Modern and professional logotype for dental office in New York.


New York, USA.



The logotype appears modern and serious while playing with the shape of the molar. The blue color chosen for this logo is suited to the medical-dental typology.

Logo Design Color CMYKC100 M90 Y0 K0K100
professional logotype design dental studio new york
logotype professional design dental studio new york

Design Social icons and brand identity

The logotype icon can also be used separately to create icons to be used for social networks. The logotype is presented on real media, such as business cards and letterhead.

logotype design dental studio new york social icons design
logotype design dental studio new york
logotype design dental studio new york identity design

Alternative logotype design

The alternative logotype variants always refer to the concepts described above and also to the inclusion of the Milan Cathedral as a graphic concept.

logotype design dental studio new york alternative proposal

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